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    Curator’s Monday 146

    Federico Infante (b.1982, Chile/USA) - The Lightness of Being

    Chilean-born, New York painter Federico Infante’s paintings are the honest dialogues: “I remember when I was a kid and for the first time, I heard the sentence “painting is a language,” and honestly, I don’t think it made too much sense at that time but the fact that I still remember that moment is very significant to me. That idea kept bouncing in my head creating a sequence of numerous events in my life that made me decide that the only way that I’m going to be satisfied with my paintings is if I can express myself as authentically as possible using this “language.” And that is how I start every painting - there is an honest decision to alter the elements every time that I start working so I can learn and challenge myself. Painting becomes a personal language only if I build my own way to represent things. So, yes for me the decision of the subject comes from an interaction with the expressive abstraction of my backgrounds - the character, the building or the landscape needs to emerge from this “language” because otherwise we will be imposing an idea instead of having a dialogue. And honestly, is it possible to have a language without dialogue?” (src: interview with artist by Bertrand Delacroix Gallery)

    [more Federico Infante | Curator’s Monday with 2headedsnake]

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Mine. If this get any notes dont change the source or this comment. thanks


    Mine. If this get any notes dont change the source or this comment. thanks

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    Same place, two years later, new intervention. Under the  direction of Collectif Etc, the vacant lot in Saint-Étienne (France) named “Place du Géant” has changed its shape again. These wooden benches have been designed by Collectif Parenthèse.

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    Anna Schuleit’s Installation Of 28,000 Flowers Inside A Mental Health Center

    With spring around the corner I can’t help but think about flowers, which led me to consider Anna Schuleit’s installation Bloom, 2003, a site-specific installation at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston.  Though now over ten years old I feel the idea that art and beauty can heal is a powerful and ever-relevant concept.  The installation consisted of over 28,000 flowers, 5,600 square feet of live sod and recorded sound that played over the old public service announcement system.  The flowers and sod filled four floors of the historic building and the basement hallways.

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    Applying black pen directly instead of using pencil takes utter balls.

    Having said that, I think it’s the most free I have felt drawing in a long long time. If you make a mistake it only fills you with confidence because you know that you’re already fucked. Knowing that you’ve made a mistake that you can not fix and carrying on, you have already won.


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    Classical meets digital in the collage work of David Marinos

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