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    My Name is an Anagram for Yarn
    “But for this project I go by deadrez. I’m Dine, from Gallup, NM and my art is removable, anyone can take it down, I think that’s what I like about it. One day its there next day its gone, its streetart. I got the idea of using yarn as my medium because my grandmother is a rug weaver and my mother is quilt maker, so weaving/sowing has been a generational thing. My grandmother used her skills (art) as a means for survival, I wanted to honor her and my mother in the art that I do, all their dedication, discipline, patience and creativity interwoven with the indigenous traditional knowledge passed down. So my loom is the fence. We weave our own double sided rugs, intricate with laughter and tears. It’s our beauty that keeps us weaving year after year.”

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