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    This spring UCCA inaugurates a site-specific exhibition, a result of the unique collaboration between renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and the talented young Chinese architect Ma Yansong. This installation is the manifesto of a creative dialogue developed between the two, an interaction pushing the line between art and architecture to new limits. The final result is a breathtaking piece specifically designed for UCCA’s space. It takes the spectator on an extraordinary journey, challenging the status of one’s relationship both with nature and one’s urban surroundings. (+)

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    ZenLux Archive Selection - 2004

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Necessary purchase of the day #Bambi #deer #cutie 🍄✨


    Necessary purchase of the day #Bambi #deer #cutie 🍄✨

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    Targ Weglowy square in Gdansk, Poland by Gdyby Group.

    "urban grassland rooms". 

    plusmood, 15.10.13.

    Seemingly perfect combinations. 

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